Tammy Lounsberry

Tammy's Bio

Tammy began singing in church at a young age and by the time she was fully grown, found herself half of the country-western duo, The Sunshine Girls along with her sister, Dianne. They were whisked away to Nashville by their manager, and made quite a stir around town, even performing at the Grand Ole Opry. When the record contract offers began to come, the cold reality of the kind of life that it would lead to set in, and Dianne backed out. Tammy returned to her life, and went back to singing in church.

During a demo recording session, her music stand broke, and the young Greg Lounsberry stepped up to perform as proxy music stand between guitar takes. They were married two weeks later.

25 years, and three sons later, Tammy is lending her wonderfully soulful country vocal sound to the Progressive Rock band, October Tree. A marriage of styles not necessarily made in heaven, but one that would meet Pablo Picasso's approval. The richly textural sound of October Tree is a testament to the styles and skills of all of it's members.

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