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Now that Tammy is singing material for the upcoming Canvas Cd, and on Canvas' contribution to the Santana Tribute CD from Mellow Records (Santana's "Brightest Star", from the album Zebop!), Matt Sweitzer and I began to discuss a project to provide an expanded role for Tammy as lead vocalist. Tammy's Setup.

I asked Tammy what her album should be about, and she said I want to do an album about Fairies. I wrote the lyrics to The Fairy's Wing, and narrated the story to her. She said I really like the story! Where did you get it? I was surprised, I made it up! I said. The story was based on real events, although told as an allegory.

We submitted a very rough 1 minute demo of an earlier although unrecognizable version of The Fairy' Wing to Matt for his opinion and he said I want to play on it!

Matt began as our drummer, but switched to Bass as John Swope came on board. Wait until you hear John's stunning drumming on Epiphanies! I then asked Matt to add some guitar, because he takes an entirely different approach than myself, and I feel that it widens the sonic palette. Matt's Gear.

My son Dan played some of his hammond organ riffs for me that became the basis for the song, Howl. The original working title was Organ Harvest , and that probably contributed to the final lyrical idea about a Werewolf's bite. Daniel's Hammonds.

Tammy had never tried to write a song before, but her electric piano compositions became the songs The Fairy's Wing, and Ogre, arguably two of the best songs on the album. A musician friend of mine, Bill Unger played the Bass Guitar on Ogre.

At this point, Chris Cobel offered to add keyboard sweetening tracks to these and other songs, and that is when the material really began to shine. The effect that Chris' minimalist playing has added to these songs cannot be overstated. Chris' Gear.

Matt submitted a song with the working title of White Out that he wrote during a blizzard. When the guitar melodies were added, it became the instrumental, Cult of the White Witch. (Note how working titles sometimes spur ideas for the final song)

The soul of the album is a trilogy of songs that I wrote based on a couple of melodic themes, called Parallels, Mirrors, and Epiphanies The first, being the observation by the Minstrel who loved her, the second, Alisyn's reflections, and third, her epiphany.

My role, as song writer, producer, guitarist , and keyboardist has kept me the busiest band member of all. In addition to writing the lyrics, I wrote the story in Novelette form and it is available as a Kindle book at Amazon. The story is now posted here on the web site as well. Follow the Link to Greg's Guitar List.

Through this process, October Tree had become a band. Although we swiped a few Canvas members, I am sure they won't mind, because we are all simultaneously at work on the new Canvas album!

Welcome to the world of High Adventure!

Tammy Lounsberry
Greg Lounsberry
Matt Sweitzer
Daniel Lounsberry
Chris Cobel
John Swope